First Week

June 29th and 30th

The day to arrive to San Pedro Sula had arrived and I was ready with my lugagge and everythng I needed. Once in the airplane the pilot informed us that we had to take everything and go back because the plane had some issues  that it was not going to be able to leave. The layover flight I had in San Salvador I was going to miss it because it was already late, so the airline gave all the people traveling to Honduras a new flight for the next day, June 30th. 

 June 30th

The day had arrived to come this time I prayed for no delays and for a safe travel.  I met some people from Honduras because of the change of flight and I had the opportunity to talk to them. While talking they asked me where I was traveling to and when I told them I was coming to San Pedro Sula to the school of the Salesian sisters the lady immeadiately shared with me that that was the school their daughters attended. Once I shared the address she didn’t know where it was, but it caught my attention that she said, “It must be where it floods.” She continued, “There are two parts in San Pedro Sula, the high and the low, that must be the low.”  As soon as she mentioned I knew that was my placement and I couldn’t wait to arrive and meet everybody. The man next to me in tje flight asked me, “So, what do you receive by going to the mission, some points?” and I replied, ” No sir, I only receive points from above no more.” God is good!

I arrived to San Pedro Sula, Honduras on time, but there were a lot of people. One of my luggage didn’t arrived and it took some time to verify what to do and report it. Sor Yolanda after two hours in the airport was happy waiting for me. When I arrived there a Bienvenida sign at my door and also a nice note and a flower as a welcome at the lunch table.

 I felt immediately very welcome and happy. I noticed some of the children in the school new my name because they greeted me by my first name. I met a lot of people all very nice and while I don’t remeber all of their names I wil try my best to learn by the end of the week.

We had mass at night, and it was very interesting to see that it was in a chappel inside the church. It was very small and it looked as if they were looking to see who was entering. I didn’t know if they were going to let me in or not.There was a man at the door which it looked that he was looking at every person that entered. Later I learned that on Tuesdays that place is where they celebrate mass and the person at the door is waiting to see when the father comes to start with the songs.  

July 1st

This day was amazing! I woke up early in the morning children started coming at 6:00am. I help in the morning to receive them the first child that arrived a little girl from “Preparatoria” or what we call kindergarten. She was so precious, more boys and girls continued arriving and they would ask me questions about where I was from and my family.

I knew Sor Yolanda was going to give the good morning to the children and I went to the place she had mentioned. I couldn’t believe after the good morning that they had prepared songs, a dance that included bachata, cheers from all the grade levels and even words of welcome for me. A 4 year old girl also gave me some welcoming words. She was so adorable.The school Laura Vicuña in minutes made me feel like family, happy and so welcome. Truly it is something that I will not forget.  Also, it made me reflect of how I welcome people and now I make them feel. I learn so fast and I could see how the Salesian community shared with others from the beginning. 

After their amazing welcome I helped with the little ones they learned to write “meme” and also all about insects. we went to an expedition outside to find insects they were precious. Also at recess time They were able to play with some jump ropes. I don’t think some of them knew how to play or how to share so it took a little time, but overall they were great playing. They were so happy you could see their smiles. We also played duck, duck, goose and hide and sick. We almost forgot to go bakc to class because we were having so much fun we didn’t hear the bell ring.

The people from the airport were able  to locate my bag and they brought it to the school. It was so nice to know that the bag was not lost, and I was able to give the soccer balls to the school.

I was able to go with Sor Caty to run some errands and we went in a “Rapidito” which means fast. You can imagine why they call it rapidito. It also holds around 11 people the bus, but we were probably around 18-20 people in the little bus. It was quite the experience. 


4 thoughts on “First Week

  1. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your arrival. It lets us peek into your mission. Continue to do all with lots of love. We are with you with our love and prayer!


  2. Hija gracias por compartir dia a dia tu experiencia siento que lo vivimos contigo como familia. Somos bendecidos por Dios al permitur que estes viviendo esta maravillosa experiencia. Te queremos mucho.


  3. Hola Ale que bueno que estas disfrutando tu viaje de ayuda a una comunidad que agradece de tu ayuda y entusiasmo con el que haces las cosas. Sabes que te exteañamos y que te deseamos toda la suerte. Dios te bendice siempre 😘


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