The world is ours to take care. God gave us a beautiful world for us to live in and one way to help the world is to recycle. In CEPROSMA recycling not only helps the Earth, but it has helped them in different centers creating recycle jewerly,and hand crafts created by the students in the continuing educatin classes but most important to have a roof, it helps them collect funds to have to pay for professors, resources and more. 

  The roof in two of their classroom is falling, is leaking and it is a danger although they were able to fix part because it was truly a danger for all who entered that class. The solution was not only for a few people but the community. Everybody who attends the school has been bringing 300 plastic bottles each to recycle. 

In order to give you a big pictures of the value on these bottles.
10 bottles = 1 pound = 2 lempiras 
100 bottles = 10 pounds = 20 lempiras= 1 dollar

300 bottles = 30 pounds = 60 lempiras = 3 dollars

I think about the amount of plastic water bottles I have used in my daily life. Truly the impact the community is having in the center working together is something remarkable and it is definitely planting seeds and creating a better and safer place. 

There are times in where we can’t find the means to help others or even to help ourselves. The people in the community of Sandoval Sorto found a way and I know that they have also invited other people to collaborate. I also need to add how the power of prayer of the sisters. And how God has send special people to either collaborate with work or to help in any way to improve the school and Center. 

I would like to invite people to recycle and to think how can you collaborate to areas in need. CEPROSMA will continue working towards their center if you or somebody you know would like to collaborate CEPROSMA you may donate to and mention CEPROSMA , Honduras in your donation.





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