Dance like no one is watching

This past week my mission has been to prepare students from second grade to fifth grade for a dance. I had never taught dance in any setting or any kind of dance. I love to dance specially Salsa but I am not an expert by any means. When I received my mission it stated that I was going to teach Physical Education and Dance. I asked the Holy Spirit to help me to say the words that the kids need to hear and to help me with the moves. As I have to teach I dance like nobody is watching with the kids. We clap, everybody dances with everybody for salsa and most important we have fun. God sent me to this mission to learn from each person from the sisters, the parents, but I feel specially the kids. It is hard sometimes to understand their reality in their homes and they come excited and ready to learn. I think that when we dance it is easy for them to forget all their hardships in their family. A lot of their parents either mom or dad have immigrated to the United States and they tell me their name asking to know if I know them. I wish I knew them to tell them about their kids. Dancing has bring me closer to the kids and I never tought how God has place them and me in CEPROSMA And Laura Vicuña school in Sandoval Sorto for a reason. My feet hurt at the end of the day, I am sweaty and very stinky, but I feel with so much energy from the kids and when I see them I just think dance like nobody is watching and do it with love. I am not a dancer, I am defenitely not a dance teacher, but with them I dance for them and with them. I dance for God and with him, because I know that I couldn’t do it with out Him.



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